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O'Donnell In 1996: Investigate Bill Clinton For Murder Of Vince Foster (VIDEO)


After a further exchange with her sparring partner, Jamal Harrison Bryant of the NAACP, O'Donnell continued to explain the issue.

"Well, I think people are out on a witch hunt for Newt Gingrich," said O'Donnell. "They're just seeking anything to bring against him, because if you look at the charges, failing to seek legal advice on his tax exempt status. By no means am I dismissing the charge, but when you look in comparison, the beast of Whitewater that Bill Clinton is involved in and the little attention that that is getting, and the little serious investigation that that is getting.

"Bill Clinton is charged of -- for much more serious accounts of fraud than a mistake that Newt Gingrich got in. If you examine almost anybody's tax records you can find something to charge them on. I hate to admit, but taxes are very complicated, so you can find something to bring almost anybody.

"And then there's also the issue of murder with Vincent Foster. That's a much more serious charge than failing to seek legal advice, and yet we're all just blowing that off, and everybody's trying to focus on Newt Gingrich like a witch hunt, to bring him to the stake and burn him, because they don't like the policy that he's behind. And unfortunately, the policy that he reps works, so if you can't attack the policy, they're trying to attack the man behind it."

Check out the video, beginning at the 50:35 mark:

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