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Nikki Haley, Former Romney Supporter, Says He Needs To Clarify Position On Health Care


Asked about her thoughts on the health care law when she backed Romney in 2008, Haley said that Romney deserved "courage" for his work on the issue even while she disagreed with his approach. She told TPM that the Massachusetts law did not trouble her at the time.

"No, because he made it very clear then that this was a state decision and he actually showed a lot of courage to say 'I'm going to get out there and try and see if this is going to work,'" she said. "I think there's mixed reviews on whether it worked or not. What I can tell you is we don't want to try it in South Carolina and so our main concern, or our main thought, from him is to make sure that he says this is not going to national. This may have been something we did in our state, we tried it, but we're going to leave states to make those decisions for themselves."