New NV-Sen Poll With Full Ballot Shows Numbers Still Bad For Reid

Ron Sachs - Pool via CNP/Newscom

The Las Vegas Review-Journal released a new poll on Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-NV) re-election campaign today, this time polling on the full slate of third-party candidates and the “none of the above” option instead of just a Reid vs. Republican matchup. The results are still not pretty for Reid.

The new poll shows Reid losing to Sue Lowden, one of the Republicans vying for the GOP nomination there, by 10 points, 47% to 37%.The TPM Poll Average for the Nevada Senate race shows Lowden in the lead, at 52% to Reid’s 38.3%.

A poll released by the LVRJ earlier this week showed Reid losing to Lowden by eight points. Reid’s campaign complained about the poll, saying that because it didn’t include all nine options voters will see in November, the results were misleading.

The campaign told to TPMDC that those who want to vote against Reid are less likely to vote for the Republican candidate this year, citing low approval numbers for the GOP.

And truth be told, the “none of these candidates” option has historically had a decent number of votes. In Reid’s last election, in 2004, almost 13,000 voters marked “none.” In his 1998 election against then-congressman John Ensign, Reid won by just 800 votes, while “none” received more than 8,000.

TPMDC is awaiting further comment from the Reid campaign on the new poll.