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Nevada Dems Push Angle's Past Opposition To Requiring Autism Coverage (VIDEO)


A press release from the Reid campaign pounces: "Nevada US Senate candidate Sharron Angle has used some exceedingly crass and callous rhetoric while articulating her extreme and dangerous agenda, but none is as malevolent and compassionless as the newly-unearthed comments of her mocking and scapegoating health coverage for those suffering with autism."

It is very clear that Angle was opposing mandated health insurance coverage for various conditions, including autism. Beyond that, it's not immediately clear what Angle meant by the air quotes. Was she mocking the very idea of autism as a diagnosis? Was she opposed to mandating health coverage for various items under an umbrella definition of autism? What exactly did she mean, if anything, beyond the opposition to mandated coverage (which itself probably isn't a big political winner)?

The TPM Poll Average currently puts Reid ahead by 47.2%-44.9%.