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Narrative-Busting New Gallup Poll Excites Dems Briefly


Guess it depends on what the next poll says. The TPM Poll Average shows Republicans leading the generic ballot question 49.1-41.7, meaning that in aggregate the signs are still very bad for Democrats.

Especially when you consider that the worst news for Democrats in the polls concerns voter enthusiasm, or the likelihood that a given party's base will actually show up to the polls in November. Republicans have dominated that race for months, with Democrats lagging while supporters of a potential GOP-run Congress seemingly get more and more fired up. Today's Gallup poll, though something of a mini-narrative buster on the generic ballot front, confirms that Democrats are still in a heap of trouble when it comes to voter enthusiasm.

"There has been no change in the advantage Republicans hold over Democrats on motivation to vote in the fall elections," the venerated pollster reported today. "Republicans remain twice as likely as Democrats to be 'very enthusiastic' about voting, tied with the previous week's measure as the largest such advantage of the year."