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Mitt Romney: Man Of (Peculiar) Letters


As readers might recall, in 2007 Romney told Fox News that his favorite novel was Battlefield Earth, published in 1982 by science fiction author and Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, a story about humanity rebelling against alien domination in the year 3000 after having been conquered a millennium earlier.

"I'm not in favor of his religion by any means," Romney said at the time. "But he wrote a book called 'Battlefield Earth' that was a very fun science-fiction book." Romney clarified that his favorite book overall was the Bible.

The Hubbard choice struck many folks as odd at the time, given the history of the book's author, and the first half of the 1,000-page tome having been turned into a box-office bomb in 2000, produced by and starring Scientology follower John Travolta. (Indeed, Travolta had originally intended to produce a second movie, encompassing the book's latter half -- but part one performed so disastrously as to call off the completed saga.)