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Mitch Daniels Calls On State GOP To Abandon Union-Busting Bill


"I'll also say I think it would have the potential -- just tactically -- to possibly reduce or wreck the chances for education reform and local government reform and criminal justice reform and the things we have a wonderful chance to do," Daniels told the AP back in December.

This is not to say that Daniels is any kind of union fan. On his first day in office in 2005, Daniels did with one pen stroke what Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is finding it harder and harder to do: end collective bargaining rights for thousands of state workers.

And as the Wisconsin drama has unfolded, Daniels has, like most potential 2012 GOP presidential contenders, come down squarely on the side of Walker.

"The most powerful special interests in America today are the government unions," Daniels told NPR's Diane Rehm this week.

Melissa Jeltsen contributed reporting.