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Minnesota Update: The System Is Broken -- Because Of This Case!

Some of Franken's rejected-voter witnesses appeared to be in good shape, and others were duds, which the Franken lawyers worked to dispose of once the problems came up. But one of the rejected voters proved to be especially interesting: Noah Kunin, a reporter for The Uptake -- the local news site that has so effectively streamed the various county and state proceedings, plus the press conferences, ever since this whole political disaster began.

Kunin's fundamental problem here is that he filled out a voter-registration form at the county office, and was ready to vote while he was there in early October, but they decided they had to mail him a ballot and have him obtain a special voucher form because of a government typo on his driver's license. It appears he did not fill out a new voter-registration form with the ballot itself.

"And you have been listening to this entire trial?" Friedberg asked during cross-examination, establishing the background here -- the fact is Kunin has watched all the testimonies, and spoken regularly with the lawyers for both sides on a regular basis.

"The entire trial," Kunin said.

Among other things, Friedberg asked Kunin a series of questions that seemed to call into question the validity of his legal residence. Kunin moves around a lot, and has crashed at the homes of friends, his parents, etc, ever since he had to move out of his prior home -- the government evicted him from his place right near the bridge that collapsed back in 2007.

It was unclear whether Friedberg was trying to disqualify Kunin's ballot, or else get it included and then leverage this towards getting Coleman votes in, or to use these clerical mistakes to undermine the whole system. Perhaps it was all three of them, to some extent.

Fun fact: Kunin's ballot was initially brought to public attention when he was put on the Coleman list of rejected ballots, which seemed odd in light of the fact that The Uptake has been serially attacked by the Minnesota GOP as a left-wing pro-Franken site. However, it should be noted that his voting residence during the election was in a Republican-friendly suburb. Now the Franken side has called him to help him get his vote counted -- as I've pointed out, this case appears to have spurred cherry-picking among the cherry-picking.

Late Update: An earlier version of this post said Election Day was five months ago -- it was in fact four months. I regret the error.