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Minnesota Court: Count Some Of Those Rejected Franken Voters -- But Not All

One person who didn't make the cut: Dennis Peterson, the rural St. Louis County voter I spoke to a few weeks ago, and who helped me figure out a lot about how the campaigns have had so many opportunities to fish for their own voters, or to work to keep the other guy's people out.

These 24 ballots should break almost entirely for Franken -- indeed, 15 of them filed affidavits specifically saying they voted for him -- so he does get something solid from this ruling. But again, the standards involved mean that it will take a long time to sort all this out.

So how does this relate to Norm Coleman's chances? He's currently fishing in a pool of nearly 4,800 rejected ballots, trying to get a bunch of them in. But this ruling seems to indicate he's not going to get very many of them in -- indeed, these 60 were some of Franken's best cases, and he's only scored on just over a third of them. Norm is casting a much wider net, so the success rate will probably be far lower.