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MIke Huckabee Out Of The Running: 'My Heart Says No' On Presidential Bid


"A lot of people are very happy that he will not be running, especially other candidates," Trump said. "So Mike, enjoy the show, your ratings are terrific, you're making a lot of money, you're building a beautiful house in Florida, good luck."

He made his announcement shortly after a taped recording of him and Ted Nugent playing "Cat Scratch Fever" in an episode that also featured former Saved By The Bell star Mario Lopez, perhaps early indicators that this wasn't the venue for a presidential declaration.

Huckabee was considered one of the most credible challengers for the nomination after a strong performance in 2008 that included an upset win in the Iowa caucuses and a large share of the vote in a number of Southern states. Surveys of Republican voters often showed him leading the 2012 field while national polls indicated he could be competitive against President Obama in a direct matchup.

But despite his loyal following, he gave little indication over the last year he was preparing for a run. Many of his most prominent supporters and aides from 2008 began taking jobs with other presidential candidates in recent months and some, most notably his advisor Ed Rollins, openly predicted he would sit out the contest.