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Michele Bachmann's First Campaign Hire Would Reportedly Be Iowa Birther


Sorenson, who has previously announced his support for a Bachmann candidacy, certainly has a fringe-curious track record to match Bachmann's, even aside from the birtherism.

He pushed legislation to make gold and silver legal tender in the state, and sponsored a bill that would require random drug-testing for recipients of government benefits.

Sorenson also voted against a bill that makes it illegal to refuse a blood-alcohol content test when carrying a firearm, and for one that legalizes dove-hunting.

TPM has previously reported that Sorenson also joined three members of the Iowa House in drafting legislation to impeach the four remaining Iowa Supreme Court Judges who voted in favor of gay marriage. The other three had been ousted in the November elections, thanks to a campaign by social conservative groups.

h/t Mother Jones.