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McDonnell's Lead Grows To Eight Points, 49-41


Inside the poll (from the Clarus release):

* Despite heavy Democratic attacks on McDonnell's views on the role of women in society, McDonnell now edges Deeds among women by one point, 45-44 percent. McDonnell posts a sizable 14-point lead among men

* McDonnell leads Deeds in every major demographic group in the Commonwealth except Northern Virginians, voters under 30 and African Americans.

* Deeds holds a massive 72-point lead among African Americans, winning this vote 79-7 percent. He beats McDonnell 50-43 percent in Northern Virginia and 48-41 percent among voters 18-29.

* McDonnell leads white voters by a solid 26 points, 58-32 percent. He also carries the Southeastern/Central part of the state 45-42 percent and the Southwest/Western region by a thumping 28 points, 57-29 percent.

* Among voters 65 and older, McDonnell beats Deeds by a wide 54-37 percent margin.

* Regionally, Deeds has improved his position in Northern Virginia since the mid-September poll, going from 45 percent to 50 percent while McDonnell has moved from 40 percent to 43 percent in the region. Deeds has improved his support in the Southeastern/Central part of the state, going from 36 percent to 42 percent while McDonnell has increased his strength from 41 percent to 46 percent.

* McDonnell leads Republicans 89-4 percent. Deeds wins Democrats 86-6 percent.

* Fifty-one percent of voters who remain undecided in the gubernatorial race said they don't know enough about the candidates to make a decision and 24 percent said they have doubts about both candidates.