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Mary Landrieu Signals Obama's Obamacare Tweak Isn't Good Enough

AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite

"The administration’s action today is a step toward keeping the promise that was made to the American people that if they liked their health plan, they could keep it," she said in a statement. "And I intend to hold the Administration to that promise."

Landrieu, who has introduced legislation to require insurers to sell existing plans permanently, took credit for the tweak and praised the core components of the Affordable Care Act.

"This extended fix is modeled on legislation that I introduced last fall so people had the option to keep their individual health care plans. I have said from day one that this law is not perfect, and there is more we can do to improve and strengthen it," she said. "Allowing individuals to keep their current health care plans is a good start, and I will continue to work with anyone who wants to ensure this law works for all Americans. But we are not going back to the days when women were charged more for simply being a woman, young adults couldn’t stay on their parents’ plan and coverage could be denied because of a pre-existing condition."