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Three More Arrested In 'Constitutional Clayton' Blogger Case


Kelly's lawyer, Kevin Camp, in an interview with TPM after his court appearance on Thursday, said Kelly had cooperated with police so far with the investigation. Kelly had handed over computers and passwords in their investigation, Camp said.

"He told them everything he's doing, provided everything to them," Camp said. He said Kelly passed over "computers, any passwords, anything like that. Cell phones, anything of that nature."

But Kelly is denying that he knew who Sager, Mayfield, and Mary are.

Kelly's bond was also increased from $100,000 because of two additional charges against him: a charge of conspiracy and a felony charge for photographing Rose Cochran. Kelly's new bond was set at $200,000. Kelly had already been charged with exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

Kelly, Camp confirmed to TPM, had previously been charged with a felony for marijuana possession in 2007. He ended probation for that charge in 2010, according to Camp. A local report also confirmed that Kelly had previously faced charges for cocaine.

Kelly supports state Sen. Chris McDaniel, Cochran's tea party primary challenger. Mayfield appears to be a McDaniel supporter as well and, according to the Clarion Ledger's Sam Hall, contributed $500 to McDaniel and served as an active volunteer on his campaign.

Authorities claim Kelly photographed Rose Cochran at St. Catherine's nursing home in Madison, where she is bedridden and suffering from progressive dementia. Kelly, a political blogger and McDaniel supporter, allegedly used the photo in a video he posted online.

The district attorney in Madison, Mississippi, Michael Guest, told the state's WAPT Channel 16 news that he did not believe the McDaniel campaign is directly involved.

When reached by TPM Mayfield's law practice said they had no comment.

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