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Mark Foley To Host Public Affairs Radio Show: "Inside The Mind of Mark Foley"

Newscom / Bruce R. Bennett

I asked Raineri the obvious question: Wouldn't some people object to Foley, in light of what happened in with the pages?

"You know to tell you the truth, we feel that the problems that are happening today, by him coming on the air, I think it gives a completely different perspective," said Raineri. "And what's the past is the past, and we're certainly looking to the future and to help people get a better understanding of what's going on. who better than someone who was there and lived it and understands how the wheels are turning."

Foley will focus for now on issues like health care -- which he dealt with as a member of the Ways and Means Committee -- but the show will cover all manner of political issues.

Said Raineri: "It will be general public interest, and what's he's doing on this show is giving you the insight into how things get accomplished in Washington, D.C. And you're going to be very surprised at some of the things he has to say."

I asked Raineri whether enough time has passed since 206. "You know, that's not for me to say," said Raineri. "I just feel that Mark is an expert for a program that we wanted to air, because people have an awful lot of questions, and he has answers for people. It's not for me to say if time has passed, that's not my decision. I just know what he has to say now is important, and people have to hear it."