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LePage's Office: People Complained Labor Mural Resembled "North Korea"


Disputing the idea the building was equally relevant to business owners as well as workers, Berry said that "I've been through those doors many times and I've yet to meet a businessman going through them -- 99% of them would never enter there."

Berry was particularly upset to see FDR Labor Secretary Frances Perkins denigrated by the governor's decision to remove her name from a conference room and her depiction from the mural given her historic achievements and her ties to the state.

"She was from Maine and the amount of work that she did for the working men and women of this country was phenomenal," he said. "Unemployment, Social Security, the first woman to hold a cabinet position -- to take her name off the door is just appalling."

According to Bennett, the governor was "not going to pick and choose which ones" are appropriate for room names, opting instead for neutral replacements such as mountains our counties. She cited Cesar Chavez as one problematic name, however, given that he is person who clearly "takes a stance on issue."

Mary Erin Casale, executive director of the Maine Democratic Party, told TPM that the move was just the latest of a long string of anti-labor skirmishes by the governor, pointing to his support for "right to work" legislation that would ban requirements that non-union workers pay union dues.

"It's just another attack against working Mainers," she said.