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Leading Health Care Group Pushes Congress To Pass Comprehensive Health Care Reform


I need Congress to move forward and pass the health care reform Americans were promised in 2008. Not scaled back reform, real health care reform.

America needs Congress to finish reform right by making health care affordable to everyone, in and out of work, and holding insurance companies accountable.

I voted for change! It is critical Senator __________________ follows through with real reform!

"The major elements of reform that Americans want and deserve - bans on pre-existing condition exclusions, freedom from medical bankruptcy, the peace of mind of knowing that they will be able to have affordable coverage even if they lose their job - cannot be done with so-called "incremental" reform," reads a statement from HCAN's campaign director Richard Kirsch. "Passing comprehensive reform remains the best policy and the best politics, delivering on the President's promise to build a new foundation for our nation. For health care, that means ending the status quo that leaves our families with health coverage they can't afford and at the mercy of the insurance industry."

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