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Kirk Acknowledges Earlier Instance of Embellishing His Military Service


The error was part and parcel of a greater pattern Kirk has of embellishing--though usually not outright lying--about his military service. And it was corrected only after a blogger, and Afghanistan veteran, named Terry Welch brought it to the attention of Kirk's congressional office.

Kirk has repeatedly claimed--on his congressional website, in public appearances, and even in a campaign web ad--that he was named Intelligence Officer of the Year by the U.S. Navy when he was not. Kirk's camp insists they spotted the error and fixed it, but the facts suggest the Navy tipped them off to it.

Kirk's campaign did not respond to my inquiries. Thusfar--perhaps because of the holiday weekend, and congressional recess--he's avoided the intense scrutiny that dogged Connecticut Senate hopeful Dick Blumenthal (D) after a similar flap. But the examples keep building.

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