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Keene, Nugent, And LaPierre Star In NRA Weeklong TV Blitz On Guns

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The prominent gun rights voices will be appearing on NRANEWS Cam & Co., a show sponsored by the NRA. Some have criticized the NRA for relying on men like Nugent and LaPierre -- who are often politically divisive -- to make their case. Nevertheless, the men continue to be heralded in the gun rights community.

"Host Cam Edwards will sit down with some of the most powerful, outspoken and talented individuals in the industry for an entire week of no-holds-barred intelligent and insightful discussions," read a release from the NRA.

The NRA's #Gunversation comes as Congress plans to pick up the pace on gun control legislation, holding Senate hearings on a so-called assault weapons ban Wednesday and a possible committee vote on gun control legislation Thursday.

The NRA has been focused on firing up its grassroots base since the push for gun control began after the massacre in Newtown, Conn., and this week's #Gunversation seems to be part of that effort.

Here's a preview of the week posted to the Sportsman Channel website: