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John Ensign Is Running Again -- And One Poll Shows That's Not A Bad Idea


Democratic pollster PPP tested the Ensign reelect numbers in a Nov. 9 survey. Here's what they found, from pollster Tom Jensen:

64% of GOP primary voters in Nevada approve of Ensign's job performance to only 23% who disapprove. He's particularly strong with conservative voters who give him a 71/16 approval spread.

Even better for Ensign, his base of support is with the conservative wing of the GOP -- the same tea party-style Republicans who just helped less-than-ideal candidate Sharron Angle win the GOP nomination against Sen. Harry Reid (D).

Should Ensign survive a primary, he's not in terrible general election shape either, according to the poll. Of course, the survey was taken months before campaigning would even begin to ramp up and before what will likely be the torrent of ads reminding Nevadans of the skeletons in Ensign's closet.

Still, Jensen says that it's too early to count Ensign out. He just might surprise everyone, if PPP's early polling is any judge.

"I would not take it for granted that Ensign is dead in the water for reelection," Jensen wrote. "Either in the primary or general."