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AP: GOPer Offered Campaign Cash To Stop Indiana Gay Marriage Ban

AP Photo / Michael Conroy

As TPM has reported, some moderate Republican operatives and business organizations had teamed up to stop the amendment. The Associated Press reported that Kittle was one of several GOP fundraisers who gave money to the pro-marriage equality coalition.

The threat of a right-wing primary challenge for lawmakers who opposed the amendment was real, according to the AP. The Indiana Family Institute, which supported the ban, had sent out an email asking conservatives to contact the offices of House members and included a note about the primary filing deadline.

Bosma, the House speaker, has also said publicly that a potential legislative candidate had told him that an out-of-state source had offered them $500,000 if the candidate challenged Bosma from the right.

Kittle, who also headed Kittle's Furniture, the retail chain founded by his grandparents, served as the Indiana Republican Party's chairman from 2002 to 2006.