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Weekly Standard Hits Back At NY-23 GOPer Campaign's Accusations, Call To The Police


Let me emphasize: I have full confidence in the truth of John's account. And I won't allow a desperate campaign to try to tarnish the fine reputation John has built as a fair and accurate reporter -- and, for that matter, a very decent and mild-mannered young man.

As it happens, I was standing near John's desk in the office this past Friday. The phone rang. It was Scozzafava campaign spokesman Matt Burns, who didn't like something John had reported, and started yelling abusively at him the moment he answered the phone. We could hear Mr. Burns ten feet away. I gather Mr. Burns called later to apologize. I suppose John would accept another apology by the Scozzafava campaign. But it really would be better not to start down the road of berating reporters for accurately reporting the facts, or of calling the police when your candidate doesn't like the questions reporters are asking.

Late Update: Matt Burns gives us this comment: "If Bill and John are so interested in drawing a comparison between our candidate and their own, maybe they can join us in calling upon Doug Hoffman to debate the issues in public -- not through sympathetic outlets. Our opponent bailed on two more today."