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House GOP Declares Emergency ... Over NPR Funding


Mortensen added that Lamborn "will definitely" seek to include an additional amendment blocking NPR funding through 2011 in any final deal with Senate Democrats on a 2011 continuing resolution.

Republican House leaders have upped their rhetoric against NPR in the wake of the O'Keefe sting. Majority Leader Eric Cantor argued last week that footage of NPR executive Ron Schiller suggesting NPR might be better off without federal funding bolsters their case to defund it. NPR has denounced Schiller's behavior in the video, and he has since resigned.

A spokesman for the Rules Committee Democrats, Shurid Sen, called the bill "a reactionary response to the O'Keefe video" and said it was being "rushed to the floor" without going through regular committee hearings.

Note :An earlier version identified Sen as a spokesman for Rep. Louise Slaughter, ranking minority member of the Rules Commttee, rather than for the broader Rules Committee Democrats.