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House Dems Also Punt On Upper-Income Bush Tax Cuts


"As the whip, I have been counting votes for President Barack Obama's tax cut," Clyburn said. "And I like the votes that are there for an extension of President Obama's tax cuts. You may recall that all the American people--95 percent of the American people got a tax cut--in our legislation, that we call the recovery package. And what we're trying to do is extend that."

Emphasis ours.

That would constitute a major punt, and suggests that the House, like the Senate, will kick the question of what to do about the soon-to-expire Bush tax cuts until after the election.

"There is unanimity in the caucus around what Jim Clyburn has just said," said Dem conference chair John Larson. "The anxiety comes from what our erstwhile colleagues across the building will do in the United States Senate."

House Ways and Means Committee chairman Sander Levin agreed with Larson -- the House will wait for the Senate: "I don't think there's a change in that."

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) -- a close ally of Pelosi's -- likewise couldn't say whether the House would do anything at all about tax cuts before members head back to their districts next week.

"I just don't know," he said.

Now that the Senate's plans have been clarified, we should know how this story ends very soon.

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