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Herman Cain To CPAC: 'Stupid People Are Ruining America' (VIDEO)


Cain said that the American Dream is being attacked by what he calls "the -ations" -- legislation, regulation, and taxation. He continued that Republicans need to repeal and replace health care reform, and also "throw out" the "messed up tax code" and replace it with a new system.

The "objective of the liberals is to destroy America," he Cain continued, but "if you can get a liberal to engage in an intelligent in the first place, ask them to strip away labels."

Like, for example, Cain said, when liberals call anyone who disagrees with Obama a "racist."

"They call me racist too just because I disagree with a President who happens to be black," he continued. He told the crowd: "You are not racists -- you are patriots."

About a potential run for president, Cain only said: "Not everyone can run for office. Not everyone is in a position to run for President -- I'm just sayin.'"

He concluded, to a standing ovation: "The United States of America will not become the United States of Europe."

Here's the video:

Video via Right Wing Watch.