In it, but not of it. TPM DC Architect Still Getting Federal Money While States Cut It Off

AP Photo / Jon Elswick

But, though administration officials have largely placed the blame for's disastrous launch on the failure of CGI and other contractors, they have not yet taken any action related to contract payments.

Some $319 million has been spent thus far on the federal website. CGI has a contract worth $94 million for its work on the site, according to the Globe.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced earlier in December that she had asked the HHS Inspector General to review the website's development. The review is expected to include "the performance of contracts by our contractors ... payments to contractors throughout the process ... whether contract specifications were met."

"We must take steps to ensure that our contractors are well managed, and that they fulfill their commitments and provide good services and products for our tax dollars," Sebelius wrote. "We will take action to address the Inspector General’s findings.

Officials confirmed to TPM that the administration plans to wait for the report's recommendations before deciding what, if any, action to take related to contractor payments.

Sebelius has already cast blame for the website's failures on contractors during her testimony before Congress, while CGI executives attempted to put the feds at fault in their own appearances on Capitol Hill.

"To build the marketplace, CMS used private sector contractors, just as it does to administer aspects of Medicare," Sebelius said on Oct. 30 before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. "Unfortunately, a subset of those contracts for have not met expectations."