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Hannity: Would You Like To See A Palin-Bachmann Ticket? (VIDEO)


When asked whether she was thinking about running for national office again, Palin responded: "As I have said, I'm not gonna close any doors that perhaps would be open. Michele and I both, we have strong faith that we, fighting as hard as we can for our country and supporting those who share our values, share our principles -- and at the same time, putting our lives in God's hands, and asking him for direction and wisdom. That's where we're gonna go."

Bachmann said: "Well, I just -- I want to thank Gov. Palin for breaking the barrier by being a woman as the vice president on the ticket. She did a wonderful job, I think, as the vice presidential candidate. And I think the world is her oyster. If she wants to run, I think that she has tremendous support from the American people."

Hannity is actually late to the party on this idea. I was publicly floating it at least as far back as November 2008.