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GOP Gov. Brewer Slams Birtherism As 'Leading Our Country Down A Path Of Destruction' (VIDEO)


Brewer, who previously served as Arizona's Secretary of State, also said of the bill's provisions: "It was a bridge way too far to give one person in the state of Arizona -- a partisan person at that -- the ability to keep a person off the ballot. And it wasn't just the President of the United States -- it was all the way down the path of all elected officials.

"So, it was something that I felt very uncomfortable with signing, having been a prior Secretary of State. And I think we just really need to move on. Everybody's had two years to prove, if they wanted to, that he was not born in Hawaii. They haven't come up with any of that kind of proof.

"So, it just seems to me that it's more political rhetoric, and that it takes the ball off the kinds of subjects that we all ought to be discussing, and that would be jobs and the economy."