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GOP Could Force Vote On 'Death Panels'


That regulation will be susceptible to GOP objections now, and according to one top GOP strategist, a challenge is under discussion.

If 30 Senate Republicans sign what's known as a "discharge petition," they'll secure themselves a vote on a measure designed to repeal the policy. That measure, known as a "Resolution of Disapproval," is immune from a filibuster and passes, after limited debate, with 51 votes.

If it passed both the House and Senate, it would head to Obama's desk for signature or (more likely) veto.

The GOP attempted this once this past Congress on a different issue. Lead by Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Republicans attempted to pass a Resolution of Disapproval to upend the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to issue climate change regulations.

They failed -- the measure went down 47-53, with six Democrats crossing the aisle to vote with the Republicans to nix the executive branch's power to write climate rules. But next year, the GOP will have a much easier time getting the needed 51 votes to pass any similar resolution, which would sail through the Republican-controlled House. And that would likewise force Obama to whip out his veto pen.

And, as you can see here, Republicans have already signaled their intent to force a similar vote on the FCC's new net neutrality regulations.

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