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Gibbs Wears Canadian Hockey Jersey To Briefing After Losing Bet (VIDEO)


Before the February 28 men's Olympic gold medal hockey game between the U.S. and Canadia, White House Press Aide Nick Shapiro said that he and Gibbs had a bet over the outcome of the game.

Since Canada won, Gibbs had to wear the Canadian jersey for 15 minutes in a press briefing -- which today he called "casual Friday" at the White House.

The Canadian jersey was number "39," which is U.S. goalie and Tournament MVP Ryan Miller's number. The U.S. jersey was number "10" for 2010.

Gibbs also mentioned that a case of Molson Canadian beer and a case of Yuengling Lager were being delivered to Prime Minster Stephen Harper's office as a part of a similar wager between the Canadian Prime Minister and President Obama.