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Franken Team Demolishes Huge Set Of Coleman Ballots

During his post-court press conference, Coleman spokesman/lawyer Ben Ginsberg took this on from two standpoints. For one thing, he thinks a lot of people really did register in a timely way, but their registration materials weren't correctly entered into the system later. For what it's worth, it's quite possible this could be true in some cases.

But mainly, Ginsberg returned to the legal argument that the Coleman camp has been using ever since the court ruled against Coleman's efforts to seek lenience on letting in ballots (which Ginsberg has referred to ominously as the "Friday The 13th Ruling"). Since it can be established that ballots were accepted on Election Night that wouldn't pass muster under current standards, then this would mean the entire certified vote count is tainted.

"It is a situation I think that creates a real mess for the court," Ginsberg said, saying that today's developments would mean the current totals are "no longer reliable in the least."

Ginsberg said he doesn't really want to try to declare the prior votes were illegal -- really, he disagrees with the strict standard: "I'm saying you can't have it both ways."

The Coleman camp's strategy seems to be to cast doubt on the entire score -- and to force this court or an appeals court to reverse that ruling on strict standards.

(Ginsberg presser c/o The Uptake.)