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Frank, Paul Plan To Reduce The Deficit Through Military Spending Cuts


The main avenue for those savings, they say, include scaling back Cold War era policies and programs, and eradicating waste in research and contracting

A recent TPM report noted efforts on behalf of some members of the commission to achieve savings by, among other things, slashing benefits to service members and veterans. In a statement today, Frank made clear he opposes such cuts.

"I do want to make clear that the one point in which I and my colleagues differ with the Task Force -- the proposal for reducing healthcare benefits for veterans, especially with the consequences of the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am very proud that the Congress in the last few years has increased veterans health benefits."

A spokesman for Frank says the letter currently has fewer than 10 cosigners, but that the incipient effort will begin in earnest with "aggressive member to member" outreach when Congress returns from August recess.

You can read both the Dear Colleague, and the letter to the commission here.

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