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Frank: Abolish Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac


Frank went on: "I have been very critical for a long time that not everybody should be a homeowner. There are people in this society who for economic and frankly social reasons can't and shouldn't be homeowners. I do want some government help to build affordable rental housing."

During the Congressional debate over financial reform, Republicans blasted Democrats for not taking steps to reform or abolish Fannie and Freddie. Many Democrats in Congress oppose GSE reform, particularly in absence of a parallel efforts to support housing for the poor. Republicans, though, have consistently overstated the role Fannie and Freddie (and low-income homeownership in general) played in creating the housing bubble and financial crisis.

"There were two problems with the housing market," Frank said. "People were making loans that shouldn't have been made, and Fannie and Freddie were then buying those loans in the market. One of the things we have already done is to take every possible step to stop the bad loans from being made. The bill that President Obama signed outlaws the kind of subprime irresponsible loans. We have made those loans illegal and that is an important part of this overall reform. We have taken a lot of the toxic elements out of the system."

Frank has pledged in recent weeks to draw up legislation reforming Fannie and Freddie later this year, though political gridlock and a crowded legislative schedule will make passage of any major reforms difficult.

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