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Fox's Carlson To Muslim Cleric: Have You Committed Acts Of Terrorism? (VIDEO)


"Do you actually believe you can get into this country, " she asked. "Will you be able to fill out the application accurately when you're asked these questions, because the tourist visa requires you to answer these questions: Have you been involved in acts of terrorism or plan to commit crimes in the United States?"

Choudary swiftly denied.

"I have never been convicted of any criminal offense," he said. "I've never been convicted of any terrorist alleged offenses. I believe Muslims in America and Britain live under a covenant of security."

Choudary then proceeded to take a quick stab at Carlson's religious preferences.

"Unlike Christianity, our religion is not confined to the mosque."

That opinion did not please Carlson.

"With all due respect Mr. Choudary, fortunately or unfortunately, you will probably be allowed in this country, " said Carlson. "And probably be allowed to go in front of the White House on March 3 and protest and that's what makes this country different than Sharia law."

Watch the video below: