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Fox News Can't Decide If It's OK To Call Someone Hitler (VIDEO)


Speaking on a special Jan. 16 edition of CBS News, the host said this of the obstacles to passing legislation: "Surely passing civil rights legislation, as Lyndon Johnson was able to do, and before that, surely defeating the Nazis was a much more formidable task than taking on the gun lobby."

Heads on Fox started to fizz. When Hannity played the clip on his show, he followed it up with a clip from Rush Limbaugh, who asked: "Is there room for that in our discourse today?" Limbaugh called it "over-the-top defamation."

"Think of if conservatives had used that language to describe liberals," said The Five host Dana Perino, apparently unaware of her employer's programming the last few weeks. "There would be collective outrage on the front page of the papers and demands for people to resign and apologize."

Check out the both sides of Fox's use of Nazi below:

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