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Fiorina Open Mic Gaffe On Boxer's Hairstyle: 'So Yesterday!' (VIDEO)


Fiorina alluded to Whitman avoiding the press during the primary, saying, "Why after saying no to all these people would you go on Sean Hannity?" Later she added, "Sean Hannity is not an easy interview."

She also talked about the cheeseburgers some campaign folks had been eating on election night, noting, "I didn't eat last night."

In a statement to CNN, Fiorina's campaign dismissed the comments as "early morning small talk." It would seem like sort of a no-no for a Republican to speak ill of Hannity, but Fiorina is trying to win in California, after all. It's hardly the worst thing that's been caught on an open microphone, though not what you want to have happen your first day as the party's standard-bearer. Watch:

Late Update: Fiorina apologized to Sean Hannity last night:

h/t ThinkProgress.