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Failed Senate Candidate Christine O'Donnell Forming PAC


It could be for the best that O'Donnell plans to focus on issue activism, rather than supporting candidates. After all, it's widely believed based on polling data that O'Donnell's own surprise victory in the Republican primary against Congressman Mike Castle cost Republicans the opportunity to pick up the seat. O'Donnell lost that race to Democrat Chris Coons by 56%-40%, while there was plenty of polling data showing that Castle would have led Coons by similar double-digit margins.

Interestingly, O'Donnell is not ruling out running for Senate again, in a possible 2012 bid against Democratic Sen. Tom Carper, but says that she is "not thinking about it" right now: "Who knows."

But on the subject of issue activism, will the PAC explore other issues that O'Donnell has pursued throughout her time in public life -- such as crusading against masturbation, and warning about the ongoing threat of scientifically-created mice with human brains?