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Former RNC Chair Ed Gillespie Makes Senate Campaign Official


The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee was quick to attack Gillespie right after he unveiled his website. DSCC Deputy Executive Director Matt Canter hit the former RNC chairman on his background as a lobbyist and "ultra-partisan Washington spin doctor," a theme Demcorats are likely to repeat in attacks against Gillespie throughout the campaign. Read the DSCC's statement below:

Ed Gillespie’s campaign is based on a false and dishonest premise – not surprising given Gillespie’s background as a Washington special interest lobbyist and ultra-partisan Washington spin doctor. The truth is that Mark Warner is recognized by both Democrats and Republicans as a leader in the Senate in working across party lines to achieve common sense solutions, and Virginians won’t be fooled by the negative campaign of Gillespie and his special interest allies. When Virginians get to know Ed Gillespie, they won’t like what they see. He was Enron’s go-to guy in Washington, and the paid lobbyist for other special interests whose agenda was out of step with the interests of Virginians. He is a hypocrite on health care reform who was a lead lobbyist for an individual mandate. He was the mouthpiece for the Bush Administration policies that turned a surplus into a deficit and left our economy in shambles. The last thing Virginians need in Washington is a career lobbyist with a partisan history of slash-and-burn politics that divides Virginians.

This story misquoted part of Gillespie in his campaign video. We regret the error.

(Photo credit: Ed Gillespie for Senate)