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Dodd Calls GOP Bluff On Threat To Block Financial Reform Debate


At the end of last week, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell delivered a letter, signed by the entire GOP caucus, to Majority Leader Harry Reid, expressing opposition to Dodd's bill. The letter itself contained no explicit threat to filibuster--a fact Dodd pointed out explicitly.

"As I read the letter, from the Republican leaders, the words about filibuster are not in that letter," Dodd said today. "They expressed opposition to the legislation."

But Republican leaders are adamant that their 41 members are united, and ready to filibuster any move to bring it to the Senate floor.

Someone's bluffing, and we should know who by midweek.

"On Wednesday or Thursday, Democrats and Republicans in the United States Senate will get a chance to decide which side of the equation are they on," Dodd said. "For change? For establishing the laws and regulations that will protect us? Or on the other side that said no, status quo."

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