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Disunity '09?

He says the goal is to prevent, not encourage a repeat of the stimulus debacle when things like health and energy reform and the budget move through the Senate by making sure the members of the group have a say in major legislation early in the process.

But that's precisely what the working group's opponents want to prevent. They're worried that the group already has too much power and that, by consolidating, they'll have yet more power to weaken legislation or subject it to the desires of powerful interest groups.

Incidentally, both groups are involved with a new coalition called Unity '09, which will draw upon the resources of member organizations (money, grassroots, etc.) to pressure members of Congress to back the Whate House agenda. Third Way is part of that coalition and the Campaign expects to be shortly. Of course, the schism within Unity '09 probably won't stop conservatives from lashing out at it--recently Bill O'Reilly reacted to the news that Democratic groups participate in a daily strategy conference call by saying, ""This, ladies and gentlemen is, a threat to America."

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