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DeVore Campaign Gimmick: 'Demon Sheep Hunting Spree'


DeVore's Demon Sheep hunt invited visitors to put their names down as hunting the two moderates in the race -- Campbell and Fiorina, as the DeVore campaign sees it. People can sign up as having killed a Demon Sheep, while posting a comment on the race and selecting from a "method of takedown" list: squish, shear, crisp (as in burning to a crisp), and mock. The sheep-killing is then cross-posted to the user's Twitter of Facebook account.

It doesn't appear that this is any kind of fundraiser. There is no button to donate money, nor any direct request for money. Instead, it appears to simply be an opportunity make fun of Carly Fiorina. Of the four choices of Demon Sheep takedown, "mock" would appear to be the most relevant option.

(Via Jim Geraghty.)