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Dems To Slam Boehner As Anti-Jobs In New Ad (VIDEO)


As we've been reporting, Democrats are planning to use outsourcing against the GOP more on the campaign trail this fall.

It all comes as the White House has elevated Boehner to a higher profile. Both sides like the strategy, with the GOP telling TPM it's playing exactly into their hands and the Democrats believing that by negatively defining Boehner, it will convince voters they shouldn't allow the Republicans to take over Congress in November.

"This ad is one product we'll use to define Mr. Boehner, his ethics and priorities for the American people - and there will be others," a Democratic official said. (Dems also really liked yesterday's New York Times story suggesting Boehner (R-OH) is tight with lobbyists. Boehner's office strongly pushed back on the piece.)

The official unloaded:

We are going to tell Americans exactly who he is: a special interest and lobbyist loving typical Washington politician who always puts the well heeled and well-to-do ahead of middle class families and small businesses and who would, if he became speaker, return the capitol to the anything goes, DeLay-Abramoff days and ways of doing business.

The ad will begin on national cable Tuesday and run less than one week, an official said.