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Dems And Republicans Up The Ante For Government Shutdown


"The American people spoke loud and clear: stop the Washington spending spree and bring down the debt. Yet Washington Democrats can't find a single dime of federal spending to cut, insisting on the status quo, even for a short-term spending bill. But keeping bloated spending levels in place and, predictably, proposing even more tax increases, is simply unacceptable," McConnell said in a statement Tuesday. "Washington has to stop the spending increases and start shrinking the ruinous federal debt. That's the key to getting the economy back on track and creating the conditions that will lead to private-sector job growth."

To translate, there are a bunch of paths to a government shutdown, and they're all fairly plausible.

First, 41-or-more Senate Republicans could link arms and block the one-month measure unless it contains further cuts. Even if Reid can break the filibuster, the House could reject it in favor of lower spending levels, which Senate Dems would then have to swallow or reject.

To complicate things further, Senate Dems have planned to begin debate on... a patent reform bill next week. The message they're sending is clear: we're not interested in a protracted fight over this stopgap, and if you pick one, the resulting shutdown will be your fault.

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