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Demon Pass: The GOP's Last Ditch Effort To Slash Spending And Avoid A Govt Shutdown


"[It is our hope that this bill will, at a minimum, spur the Senate to pass some bill funding the government for the rest of the year so that we can work quickly to resolve any differences," says Laenna Fallon, spokeswoman for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a statement. "If to act, passing this bill would at least keep the government open. This bill would also ensure that if there are ever any future government shutdowns that Members and the President do not receive their pay for such periods."

This is better understood as messaging legislation -- to make House Republicans appear sincere in their desire to avoid a government shutdown, and putting pressure on Senate Democrats and the White House to act.

House-passed HR 1, cuts domestic discretionary programs -- many of them key government services, mainly -- by $61 billion. It also defunds the implementation of the health care law, undermines abortion rights, and broadly rescinds executive branch authority, tying President Obama's hands and make it harder for him to govern.

But it's reminiscent of a common process Republicans very recently decried as unprecedented and unconstitutional, until they retook the House and started using it fairly regularly.

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