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DeMint And Bachmann: It's Easier To Organize Liberals Than Conservatives


A few minutes later, Bachmann also chimed in on this theme. "The level of organization on the left is far superior to that on the right," she said. "But I would think that just as we saw a historic shift in the electorate last fall, we are seeing another historic shift, at Mach speeds, occurring in United States."

On another fun note, at the very beginning of the call Bachmann said in a jocular tone, "Well hey, it's Jim DeMint for President."

"Well, that's a scary thought," DeMint replied.

"Someone's got to do it, Jim," said Bachmann.

To which DeMint said: "Well, anybody who wants to be President doesn't know how much trouble we're in."

I'll have some more details from the call tomorrow.