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Dem Reps. Back Scalia's Attendance At Tea Party Constitution Event


"He talked about a couple of old cases where the Congress made mistakes, he felt, in its judgment," Schakowsky added. "But they were not especially of a political nature.... This was pretty dry, actually."

All members of the House were invited and allowed to bring a staff member. "There was absolutely no effort to keep anyone away," Schakowsky added. "Certainly it's useful to have justices come."

Rep. Jerrod Nadler (D-NY) -- one of the foremost Constitutional experts in Congress -- largely confirmed Schakowsky's interpretation, noting that Scalia steered clear of addressing timely issues, and that the members who asked questions weren't pressing him for legislative guidance.

It's easy to understand why skeptics were concerned about the event. It was hosted by the activist wing of the Republican party. It was attended by Scalia, one of the most unabashedly outspoken and conservative justices in modern history. It comes at a time when he and Clarence Thomas in particular have tested and crossed the boundaries of political propriety as members of the Court.

But Monday's event appears to have been on the level.

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