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Dem Rep. Weiner Refuses To Answer TPM's Questions On Twitter 'Hack'


Weiner went on: "Because I don't believe in the idea you believe in that this will end. I have four separate emails from a New York Post reporter saying if you just answer this one question it will be over. You know people may not believe me, they believe Breitbart, whatever it is. I'm going to do the work I got to do and somewhere I've got to say I'm done talking about it. I'm going to decide what I'm going to talk about for the next several days and it's not going to be this."

A reporter interrupted to ask him if he had exchanged messages with a stripper on Twitter who mentioned on her feed in March that she had been in contact with Weiner online.

"See what I mean?" he said.

He did depart from his blanket rule on comments once, however. TPM asked Weiner if he could clarify why he followed the woman that received the lewd photo, which he would not discuss with CNN. His Twitter feed tracks a relatively light number of people, many of whom are politicians, public figures, and news outlets. He said that he followed some fans who used the hashtag #WeinerYes on the site as well -- we did a quick search that shows he tweeted a #WeinerYes post looking for new accounts to follow as recently as May 13.

"Now I violated my own rule," he said. As long as he was talking again, TPM again asked for a blanket denial that he had anything to do with the incident, which he again refused. "Take a look at my statements over the weekend, you're not being fair to me," he said.

Meanwhile, the newfound attention is doing wonders for his popularity on Twitter.

"I passed Michele Bachmann in Twitter followers," he bragged. "Finally did it."

This story has been updated.