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Dem McAdams' Flyer: 'I'm Twice The Man Joe Miller Is (Literally)'


The flyer also has McAdams promising to be a moderate leader for all Alaskans, referring to past Alaska politicians of all parties:

Key quote:

I'm Twice the Man Joe Miller is (literally).
And probably three or four Lisas.

"I'm a big guy from a small town and as a former football player I know how to face challenges head-on. People may not see that beneath the bulk is a rock-ribbed fighter for Alaska. Both Joe and Lisa will toe the party line if elected to the US Senate. When Alaska's opponents square up on the line of scrimmage, they'll find me ready to fight for Alaska on every play.

It's about Alaska. I will take my cure from our past leaders -- Wally Hickel, Bill Egan, Jay Hammond and Ted Stevens; I will put Alaska first, and partisanship last."