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Could Unsealing Divorce Records Seal GOPer's Electoral Fate In Georgia?


According to Richardson, what's sealed in the divorce records is potentially damning for Scott. In a recent radio appearance on WMAC-AM in Georgia, Richardson detailed what he said were rumors swirling of troubling "allegations" regarding "a restraining order" and "domestic violence."

"If that's in there, voters ought to know," Richardson said on air. "If these allegations are correct, they'll punish Austin Scott." The columnist and editorial page editor at the Telegraph said the allegations had been swirling around political circles since Scott's abortive campaign for Lt. Governor began.

For his part, Scott is unwilling to discuss what's in the sealed records. In a debate with Marshall Thursday night, CQ reported that Scott said "he and his ex wife are 'at peace with our divorce' but that they will both 'respect the ruling of the court.'"

In a previous interview with the Tifton, GA Gazette, Scott alleged that the push to release his records was a dirty trick by Marshall.

"This is an act of desperation by a person who is getting beaten on his voting record," Scott told the paper. "He's trying to change the focus of the campaign."

Marshall denied any involvement in the motion during Thursday's debate, according to CQ. "I had nothing to do with the filing of the petition. It really gripes me that people accuse me of having had something to do with that," Marshall said. "Had I wanted to get this done it would have been done a long time ago. It would not have been brought up at the very last minute."

But in an interview with CQ after the debate, Marshall made it clear he wouldn't mind seeing the records come to light, and hinted at the dirt that could be found inside.

"I've heard consistent allegations of what's in there and it's not pretty stuff," Marshall told CQ. "There are things that go on in marriages that can shed light on the character of the individual."