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Conservatives Defend McKinsey Against Democratic 'Bullying,' 'Enemies Lists'


There's an awful lot wrong here. For starters, Democrats are asking McKinsey to provide methodology without revealing the identity of the firms the group polled in its study. On substance, any company that decides to drop its employer-sponsored insurance after 2014 won't be "leaving" ObamaCare, as Varney claims. Rather, they will in many cases pay penalties for dropping coverage, and their employees will be put into exchanges where the government will subsidize their premiums -- all part of ObamaCare. And, contra Fox, the McKinsey study wasn't part of a private consulting arrangement between the firm and its clients -- it was conducted independently, not for any client, and the question is whether their methodology is up to normal public polling standards.

This, Forbes' Avik Roy says, is "the classic Max Baucus playbook--harass those who he disagrees with, in an attempt to intimidate them into more favorable coverage.

Baucus, and other top Democrats last week ratcheted up public pressure on the group to explain its findings.

Democratic sources expect McKinsey will ultimately budge and release its methodology. The results will either hold up or fold based on the strength of that methodology. Either way, some folks will have to eat their words.

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